Wreath I Leader’s Guide

The Leader’s guide has everything you need to start your own Little Flower’s Girls Club. Suggestions on how to run a meeting, song and prayer suggestions, virtue instruction, resource ideas, list of activities and so much more! Based on the original Catholic Girls’ Guide by Fr. Francis Lasance.


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Virtues covered in Wreath I: faith, hope, love of God, love of neighbor, obedience, piety, humility, industry, and thruthfulness.

The download is a zipped file that contain the book in three different file formats: .PDF, .EPUB, and .MOBI. After downloading, you can extract the file format(s) that you want to use. .PDF is recommended for viewing on PCs and for printing (keep in mind that copyright laws still apply to digital downloads; each digital version purchased allows for the book to be used by one person–each additional user is required by law to purchase their own digital copy). The .PDF file is also interactive, meaning you can click the links to view websites and navigate the table of contents. .EPUB files need ereader software in order to view them, and .MOBI requires an Amazon Kindle or other Amazon-related hardware or software in order to read it. For more information on using and viewing the .EPUB and .MOBI files, please consult the documentation for your ereader software and/or hardware.

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