For the Love of Literature

Teach every subject with great “real” books! Classic Catholic literature   arranged by subject and by history to aid you in teaching virtually every subject   from a Catholic perpective. Maureen Wittmann is a well-known Catholic speaker,   writer, and home educating mom who shares her experience, research, and wisdom   with others through this valuable resource.

Features include: grade level   recommendations, top five picks per subject, extensive resource lists and more!

“Maureen Wittmann has done us all a great service with this book. Raising   children to love the adventure of visiting new worlds and seeing new people with   new ideas is one of the greatest thrills a parent can have. Books are   everybody’s free ticket to that adventure and Wittmann is a fine guide for the   journey.” Mark Shea, Senior Content Editor,


“Maureen Wittmann has put together not only a comprehensive book list, but   also a helpful guide to choosing the right educational approach, tips for making   full use of public libraries, and inspiration for studying fine arts and music.   For the Love of Literature is a gift for all variety of homeschooling families!” Danielle Bean, author


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