Hospitality Charms Year 2

Earn one each month as you learn a new skill! Collect your “charms” on a chain bracelet or necklace. Each charm corresponds to a lesson and skill covered per month in the club meetings and manuals. Individual Charms:Jeans (Laundry), Wheelchair (Care for Elderly), Hairbrush (Personal Cleanliness), Candy Cane (Tradition), Painter’s Pallet (Art and Beauty), Picture Frame (Interior Decorating), Drama Masks (Public Speaking), Watering Can (Gardening), Friendship Star (Friendship), Picnic Basket (Hosting a Picnic)

If you wish to order bracelet or necklace without the charms, please see Year 1 charm options.


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Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × .5 × 4 in
Charm Options

10 Charms on Bracelet, 10 Charms on necklace, 10 Charm Pack, bracelet only, necklace only, Jeans, Wheelchair, Hairbrush, Candy Cane, Painter's Pallet, Picture Frame, Drama Masks, Watering Can, Friendship Star, Picnic Basket


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