Club of the Month Feb 2016

Christina Bellanti
Co Leaders:
Cheryl Kirkpatrick, Mary Engbert, Lisa Hurdle, Laura Armentrout, Melissa Clark
Does your club have a title? (e.g. St. Thomas Aquinas’ Little Flowers)
Little Flowers Girls Club St. Anthony’s Catholic Church
Where does your club meet?
What made you decide to start or lead a Little Flowers Group?
I started leading because I love the program and everything that it teaches. My girls will be in Little Flowers for quite a while and I never want to see a gap in leadership or for the club to end at the church.
Why do you think makes your Little Flowers Girls’ Club special and unique?
I think our girls go above and beyond to work together and involve the whole community with their virtues and teaching everyone who we are and what we are about. We have annual Christmas caroling at the nursing home, making of Christmas cards for the elderly, planting flowers for the parish, campfires with the priest, and the girls even march in the local parades and pass out prayer cards.
How do you think the Little Flower program has changed the lives of the girls, their families and their communities?
I feel that Little Flowers enriches the Catholic faith of the girls and their parents as they learn along with them things they may not have known. I feel as though we are planting a seed inside the girls minds and hearts that will grow as they grow into young ladies and that it will shine through into their community. I also feel that our community is opening up to our girls and learning things from them.
How long has your group been meeting?
I believe it has been at least 12 years, but this is my 2nd year
How many girls are in your group?