For Families

Virtue begins at home and Our Catholic Clubs gives your families the tools to learn about and practice virtue in your family. Our Little Flowers Girls’ Clubs® and Blue Knights Boys’ Clubs are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of venues, including within your own families, as well as school settings, homeschool group settings and more.

When doing clubs in a family setting, start by signing up through our Family Virtual Club portal. You will have access to monthly free videos walking you through the virtue of the month as well as an opportunity to purchase a complete set of materials for you and your children including books, badges and sashes to reinforce and enhance your family virtue journey. 

Don’t forget to add in the fun stuff, like our new set of outdoor patron saint badges! The Patron Saint Badges are easy to earn and so much fun to do!

If you are participating in Catholic Clubs in a group setting, the leader of the group should be able to share a digital copy of the Leader’s Guide so that you can help your children at home to learn and practice the virtue of the month.

No matter how your participate in our Catholic Clubs, your family can benefit from the solid Catholic teaching and fun activities to bring you closer together as you grow in holiness one virtue at a time.

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