Thank You for your prayers!

I am the living embodiment of the old phrase, “Adding insult to injury!”

For those who might not know, I fell in my yard recently and ended up with a series of micro-fractures to my upper humerus (which is NOT at all humorous!). I will be wearing a stylish, black sling until Thanksgiving at which point we will assess any lingering damage, see about physical therapy, etc.

While I was quick to blame my MS, the ER doctor reassured me that ‘anyone with feet risks a fall’, but still……

However, there really is so much to be grateful for as it was my right arm, and I am left handed, I fell on soft ground and not concrete and the leaves and sticks in my hair was, according to my lovely husband, a ‘good look’!

I appreciate everyone’s prayers as my mood remains optimistic (for the most part) and I regularly remind myself that if Jesus endured the cross for me, I can endure this.

Thank you all, again and I’ll keep you posted as best as I can.

JP II Novena Day 7 – Music Edition

I am showing my age when I tell you of my fondness for the music of John Michael Talbot. Anyone of a certain age will know his name, his wonderful voice and amazing guitar skills. Today, I want to share a favorite song of his from my days in college at Franciscan University…way back when…..

If you are new to his music, I hope you find another source of wonderful, Catholic music to fill your soul. If you are an ‘old’ fan as I am, I hope this makes you smile –

JPII Novena Days 4 & 5

I’m sure you didn’t miss me but I felt a bit of guilt about not posting yesterdy, but I was busy taping a talk for .

I am not yet comfortable with these and am so grateful and honored to be a part of this exciting apostolate. There are more choices to find great Catholic content than ever before – one of the small blessings that have come from quarantine and the pandemic.

They are working on a Modern Saint series and I did a short piece on St. Teresa Benedicta, our dear Edith Stein who is our patron for wisdom from Wreath III.

It is poignant to think both St. Teresa and St. John Paul II endured under Nazism.

There is a wonderful piece about St. John Paul II from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum –

It is vitally important that we do not allow these battles in our history become forgotten.

JPII Novena Day 3

As a part of our recent on-line party, we ‘watched’ this short cartoon on the life of St. John Paul II, originally aired on EWTN, during our ‘lunch break’.

For lunch at the Watkins’ house we had an easy lunch of perorgies and sausage and this ‘easier than it looks to make’ dessert. I’ve never worked pastry dough (too scared) but the store bought made this easy-peasy. The story about its name is also a nice reflection on the childhood of St. John Paul II. Enjoy!

Day 2 – John Paul II Novena

Did you find a JPII Novena to say? I hope you did as there are several out there. Today, I wanted to share the board I made for our recent virtual meeting that highlighted his amazing life and accomplishments.

Center of our JPII board

Making a board such as this – either made by you as a parent/leader or by one of your creative members – can be a huge help with the saint and/or the virtue you are highlighting.

Channel your inner school student, break out the markers, crayons, stickers and see what you can create.

The benefit of making one of these is a real help as you try to remember all you want to cover. It also makes the meeting it a bit more colorful and interesting than just telling his story (or any other saints).

If you decide to do one (or more) of these, please share them as your wonderful ideas are a huge help to new leaders and their groups as well us ‘oldies’.

Right Side
Left Side

Novena to St. John Paul II begins today! Join us to earn his patron badge!

Our dear St. JPII’s feast day is coming up on October 22 and I’d like to invite you to join us in praying for his intercession and, if you’re interested, you can work to earn his patron badge virtually.

Two options for the novena include:


Meanwhile, he is our patron saint for our Acting Badge and we’d like to try (with your kind support) to see about how you can earn this badge virtually.

Those of you who were able to join us for our on-line party surely remember our totally fun Bear in an Elevator skit, or maybe our more sedate interview with St. Therese of Lisieux as part of our earning of this badge. What fun it was to do those for you!

I’ll be posting information about earning this badge (and links to the virtual party) over the next nine days as we pray the novena! When you’re done, you can go to our site and order your own badge to add to your sash, sew to your favorite denim jacket or backpack! See you tomorrow!

St. John Paul II, pray for us!

Happy Feast Days!

We didn’t forget you though you didn’t hear from us (not that you were missing us). My computer was down (but back up for now) so things were forced to be quiet.

But, in having just celebrated and the feasts of both the Archangels (9/29)

Guido Reni

and Guardian Angels (10/2), and our own dear St. Therese (10/1) my family thought of all of you often, and took you and your intentions to our daily Masses.

We hope your autumn is starting off well. We’ve got some surprises coming your way inspired by our awesome virtual meeting so keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, if you did recent novena to our Little Flower and received any specific roses, please share them. We could all use some good news!