About Us

Behold Christ Clubs Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to assist Catholic parishes, schools and other Catholic youth organizations initialize, implement and expand catechetical and virtue-based programs for children and youth.

We do this by:

*sponsoring retreat/camps

*assist Catholic parishes/schools in starting Catholic Clubs through providing promotional, support and supplemental material.

*assist local groups in fundraising to cover the cost of Catholic Clubs

*offer training for Catholic Club leaders

*recognition through a leadership track for Catholic youth

*maintain database of groups for the purpose of attracting more youth

*maintain website with free supplemental materials for use in Catholic Clubs


Who we are:

Board of Directors:

Joan Stromberg, Director

Rachel Watkins: Secretary

Joseph Stromberg: Treasurer

Contact us:

Mail: 4503 Mattingly Ct.

Suite E

Buckner, KY 40010