Closing out the Year of St. Joseph

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While November has just started, December is rushing towards us as Christmas commercial and store decorations want to remind us. I wanted to share with you and your family about a nice way to close out this Year of St. Joseph. I am not sure what (if anything) your family has done but don’t be discouraged or let up on the gas depending on where you are.

One suggestion? The program, Mother of Divine Grace, is familiar with many of us who homeschool. They are a wonderful Catholic apostolate who has help for families beyond the classes they offer. A friend, whose children have been enrolled for years, was kind enough to send around the following message from Laura Berquist, the founder:

Dear Friends,

We are approaching the end of the Year of St. Joseph, and I have come across a beautiful prayer of consecration to the Holy Family. I encourage you to join us in praying the consecration on December 8th, as well as the daily preparation prayers that begin on Friday. Starting tomorrow, November 5th, we will be praying this prayer to the Holy Spirit daily:

“Come, O Holy Spirit, and kindle in our hearts the same fire of Love that burns in the hearts of the Holy Family. Help us to give all we are and all we have to Jesus through the hands of Mary and Joseph. Amen.”

Finally, on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the final day of the Year of St. Joseph, we conclude by consecrating ourselves, our families, our country, and the world to Jesus through Mary and Joseph. 

Holy Family of Nazareth, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, hear our prayers for ourselves, our country, and the whole world.O Sacred Heart of Jesus, we consecrate ourselves to you. May we belong entirely to you and do all things for love of you. You are the way, the truth, and the life, our hope in despair, our light in darkness, our refuge at the hour of death. Though we have merited just punishment, we entrust ourselves to your Divine Mercy. Annihilate in us all that displeases you, all that does not work for love of you. Imprint your love and mercy so deeply in our hearts that we may always act according to your holy will. Jesus, I trust in you!O Immaculate Heart of Mary, we consecrate ourselves to you. Set us ablaze with love for Jesus and the members of His Body. You are our mother and our teacher in the mysteries of Christ. Help us become perfect instruments of God’s grace. When we fall, pick us up; when we despair, hold us close; when we resist God, push us ever more toward Him. Mary, Mother of Hope, have pity on us. O Chaste Heart of Joseph, we consecrate ourselves to you. Accept us into your holy family, and be for us a father. As you once protected Jesus and Mary, so too protect us from all bodily and spiritual harm. In this life of difficulties, uncertainties, and fears, help us imitate your prayerful trust, so that we may never doubt that God is faithful and true. Help us to do all our work as you did, with full dedication to Jesus and Mary. St. Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us.Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, may our hearts be ever united to yours. Deliver us from the evils that beset us, and grant that by being totally united to you we may help extend as far as possible the blessed Kingdom of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen.

Please join the MODG Community in praying together, all of us, for each other. This is a time when we need to draw on the great graces available through the Mystical Body of Christ as we have access to it in our particular community.

With love and prayers, 

Perhaps your family wants to join in the effort. I know many of us are always in the middle of a novena or some other pray obligation, but this seems easy to add. I’m going to print out two copies and put one on the dining room table as well as put one by the TV as a reminder to say it before watching evening shows if we haven’t already.

You might consider sharing this with your club families as the world can certainly use more families consecrated to the protection, patronage and prayers of the Holy Family.

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