Memorare Army from Benedictine College. A new campaign starts today!

Twice in one day!?! I know, you don’t hear from me in months and now 2x!

But, what I have to share is timely and important. As many of you know, our dear friend Joan Stromberg’s family are long time Ravens from Benedictine College. In honor of the Blessed Mother’s birthday, I wanted to share this important encouragement to join with the campus of Benedictine’s Memorae Army. “On Sept. 8, Benedictine College announces its new Transforming Culture in America strategic plan,” said President Stephen D. Minnis.”

They have been doing this campaign for many years and have been covered by the Nat’l Catholic Register and are even keeping track of Mary’s miracles.

You can follow the link for more information and even print out a tracker for your use. (I think committing to this would make a lovely birthday present for our Lady Mother Mary, don’t you?)

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