Happy Birthday, Momma Mary!

How are you going to celebrate your Mother Mary’s birthday? Are you planning on having dessert after dinner tonight? Are you going to say a Rosary as a family?

This year’s celebration is more poignant for me as I lost my earthly mother, Anne Louise Blum VanDurme, on 12/18/2020. While thinking of both of my mothers watching over me fills me with joy, knowing my Mom is no longer on earth makes me sad.

My relationship with my mother was never easy (is anyone’s?). We had some things in common such as both having large families. I was one of 10; beating her with my own eleven. Her advice on cooking for a large crowd was spot on as was her advice on Christmas (3 gifts per child just like Jesus). But, we had a real distance between us. She was never really enthusiastic about our homeschooling and we didn’t always see eye to eye in some matters of faith.

As a result, I often turned to my Mother Mary when I felt let-down by my earthly Mom. I knew Mary would always listen, understood my feelings and never discounted my worries. Mary consoled me when my own mom could not.

Perhaps the same is true for you. Was/Is your own mother like my own? Trying her best but missing the mark? Or perhaps your mother wasn’t even trying. No matter what ‘type’ of mother you have/had, your Blessed Mother Mary is waiting for you.

This year, if you have real sadness about the relationship with your earthly mother, take it to Mother Mary. Let her know of your pain, disappointments and grief. If you have/had a great Mom, then celebrate that with Momma Mary. Rejoice with her that you have your own Anne as she did.

And, in the end, celebrate that we have the Queen of Heaven and Earth at our side. She is always ready to listen and always has the best advice (‘Do whatever He tells you.”). She is standing at her Son’s throne interceding on your behalf and ready to help you be the best mother you can be.

And that good news deserves a brownie for dessert (even if it has to be gluten-free).

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