Happy Summer! How have you been?

Happiness is secured by virtue, it is a good attained by man’s own will.

St. Thomas More

Happy Feast Day to this saintly husband, father, eloquent lawyer and defender of the Faith.

I know it’s been weeks since we’ve talked and it’s likely you haven’t even noticed I’ve been gone, but I want to let you all know that typing this right now is bringing me some real joy and a much needed sense of normalcy.

If 2020 wasn’t hard enough, 2021 was also a rough start here in the wonderful, world of Watkins’. I have faced some additional health issues, we suffered the loss of my dh Matt’s beloved Mom (Grammie) and have run over a few other bumps on our road of life, all of which have brought in some sadness in my home.

But things are changing, aren’t they? And, now, with the closing of the school year and the opening of the pool at my home, I am finally feeling uplifted and hopeful. How are you?

And did you know??? We have a LITTLE FLOWERS CAMP planned! Check out the link below and look into coming to ours or consider hosting your own.


I hope this start of summer brings some joy and light to your home.

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