Day 2 – John Paul II Novena

Did you find a JPII Novena to say? I hope you did as there are several out there. Today, I wanted to share the board I made for our recent virtual meeting that highlighted his amazing life and accomplishments.

Center of our JPII board

Making a board such as this – either made by you as a parent/leader or by one of your creative members – can be a huge help with the saint and/or the virtue you are highlighting.

Channel your inner school student, break out the markers, crayons, stickers and see what you can create.

The benefit of making one of these is a real help as you try to remember all you want to cover. It also makes the meeting it a bit more colorful and interesting than just telling his story (or any other saints).

If you decide to do one (or more) of these, please share them as your wonderful ideas are a huge help to new leaders and their groups as well us ‘oldies’.

Right Side
Left Side

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