Our virtual meeting was FANTASTIC!

Shall we call our first ever Virtual Kick-Off Party a success?! I say “YES!!”

Virgencita by Grace Watkins

I just want to send a HUGE thank you out to all the girls (and their Moms) who were able to “come over” and play at my house! I hope you all enjoyed it as much we did. After we said our final prayer and closed off the computer screen, we all collapsed on my couch laughing and smiling about just how much fun we had! Who knew bears took elevators?

We’ll be posting most of it very soon and making some tweaks to it so you can re-visit it. We have to re-record a few of our activities as well as Happy’s great talk “Love is Patient”, but that is already planned for later today (Jacob has got his camera ready to go).

Divine Mercy by Grace Watkins

Thanks again to all those who were able to share their Saturday with my family (myself, along with my daughters Happy, Nora and Grace) and Joan’s (Joan and her daughter Cecelia).

It was much more successful than we could have anticipated. Just one more demonstration of God’s great love and mercy for us! GOD IS SO GENEROUS!

We’re already thinking of our next on-line adventure (probably not as long but just as fun) and we’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, head over to our Facebook page to see some of the beautiful art that was made and see the comments of those who were able to come.

See you all soon!

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