Happy Birthday, Blessed Mother Mary….

or, Mama Mary as some of my kids are known to call her! With my own birthday just around the corner, I am left wondering “What do you get a mother who has everything?”

Well, we know how much she loves our prayers, our small acts of virtue, and our great acts of kindness all done with love for her and her son, Jesus Christ.

So, remember to do something lovely for someone else as a small gift to our Mother in heaven. Perhaps say a Rosary together as your family’s evening prayer or make a visit to a Church (even if it has to be from the parking lot due to restrictions). There are always the multitude of Masses to be found on-line – https://mass-online.org/ You can even go to Mass at Lourdes!

And finally, don’t forget to have cake or another sweet treat as a gift to your children and yourself. Our Mother in heaven knows well this vale of tears we are walking but her Son has conquered death and sin so we always have a reason to celebrate!

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