Are you homeschooling this year?

Whether you are a new homeschooler or an ‘old’ veteran like myself and Joan, you might consider finding the time to visit Homeschool Connections.

Director Maureen Wittman is a long-time, dear friend of both Joan and I. We’ve spent many a homeschool conference (back when we actually had those) laughing and sharing about the ups and downs of running a family as well as small, Catholic apostolate and homeschooling.

They have courses, taught by qualified instructors, available for almost all ages. Should you have a high schooler, you can arrange for dual enrollment with Franciscan University.

This Thursday they have “Jumpstart Your Homeschool – A Conference for Parents” planned.

You can register here:

Maybe this is just what you need to get excited for what will certainly be an exciting school year!

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