Do you know how big our God is?

Greg Rakozy, Unsplashed

How’s life where you live? Here in the Wonderful World of Watkins (www) we are dealing with the ongoing stress of this 2020 world as well as a broken AC system (along with a 90 degree heat wave), overflowing toilets/sewer issues (eeewww) and my kids packing up for an adventure with their oldest sister in an attempt to give Matt and I an empty house for a few days. Our first empty house in 30+ years.

In other words, life right now is fairly typical of a large family life AND a life complicated by an older house that regularly breaks.

But our God is so big, nothing is beyond His concern and love. The toilet issue was solved by an amazing husband who got to Home Depot this morning at 6:00 AM, fixed the problem and was off to the train to DC for work by 8:30 am. He was assisted by my oldest son who was home and able to help only because covid has made his college plans go kaput.

I was able to get to Mass in a nicely chilled with working AC church and receive Jesus which not everyone can do. And check out the readings! Please –

Fr. Dunn’s homily was a reminder of the need we all have to clean out our nets on a regular basis, “What is bad they throw away.” (Mt. 13:48). Check your own nets, he said, and see what you might be carrying around that Jesus wants you to toss in a bucket. And with today’s headlines, there seems to be more bad than good. I left Mass knowing what I’ll be meditating on this upcoming weekend.

Once, back at the house, everyone is helping each other with their laundry, their packing, the chores, etc. which allows me to sit here in front of a fan pointing only at me which makes the inside temp of my home of 86 mostly tolerable.

And best of all – in the midst of all of this – one of my daughters shares this:

While I am not really present on any social media and I’m not sure what I think of TikTok, this little boy’s confidence and assurance made my heart sing –



I suggest we all start singing that song when faced with any problem.

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