Please consider sending your love, prayers and condolences

(capri23auto from pixabay)

While every day is the perfect day to do a spiritual or corporal work of mercy, today seems to be a bit more than perfect.

The headline reads, “13 Religious Sisters die from coronavirus in Michigan convent”. Every death is a moment of sadness as family and friends grieve the loss, but I cannot imagine the sadness of these sisters who have lost so many of their companions so quickly.

This story was covered by several outlets including the New York Times and local Michigan news outlets.

Perhaps you, along with your Behold club families might consider sending a card or spiritual bouquet to the Felician Sisters as sign of our gratitude for their commitment? Let them know they and their sisters are not forgotten.

Their address:

36800 Schoolcraft Road
Livonia, Michigan 48150-1172

Thank you!

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