For your prayerful consideration – Here are the names of Felician Sisters who passed

From the National Catholic Register:

Following is a list of the sisters who succumbed to the coronavirus, with their dates of death and their ages:

Sr. Mary Luiza Wawrzyniak, 99 (April 10)
Sr. Celine Marie Lesinski, 92 (April 12)
Sr. Mary Estelle Printz, 95 (April 12)
Sr. Thomas Marie Wadowski, 73 (April 15)
Sr. Mary Patricia Pyszynski, 93 (April 17)
Sr. Mary Ramona (Florence) Borkowski, 93, Lodi, New Jersey (April 18)
Sr. Mary Clarence Borkoski, 83 (April 20)
Sr. Rose Mary Wolak, 86 (April 21)
Sr. Mary Janice Zolkowski, 86 (April 22)
Sr. Mary Alice Ann Gradowski, 73 (April 25)
Sr. Victoria Marie Indyk, 69 (April 26)
Sr. Mary Martinez Rozek, 87 (April 28)
Sr. Mary Magdaleine Dolan, 82 (May 10)
Sr. Mary Danatha Suchyta, 98 (June 27)

May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

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