Remembering Pope St. John Paul II

Today is the 15th anniversary of his death. Was there ever a more beloved pope in modern times?

My family was traveling to Tallahassee, FL for a family reunion when we heard the news. Our 15 passenger was full of kids, I was pregnant with Grace (#9) and I remember so clearly hearing the coverage his death received on every radio station – Christian, secular and even country music stations! The weather was iffy that day on the East Coast with gray skies and storm warnings; it seemed so perfectly poignant to be saying a Rosary for his soul watching lightning in the distance.

With those memories so clear in my mind, I am so happy to announce – – –

CAMP 2020 – Honoring & Remembering Pope St. John Paul II

While we (Joan and I) will not be attending any regional camps, we know some are being planned and hope you might be inspired to host one. With that in mind, we will be providing you with badge suggestions, craft & game ideas and more. Real content you can use to give your own club or just your own family a day or two of faith and fun.

Lovingly known as St. John Paul the Great, he continues to inspire us and pray for us. We will remembering thru his 100th birthday, recall his long papacy (2nd longest), his many accomplishments, the 15th Anniversary (d. April 3, 2005) and much more!

A quick look at St. JPII reveals:

-He made trips to 129 countries travelling more than 1,100,000 kilometres or 29x around the world!

-First pope to visit the White House.

-First pope to visit Cuba.

-The most widely traveled pope in history.

-Canonized more saints than any other pope.

-Created 232 cardinals.

He was a playwright, poet, outdoorsman and passionate for the mission of Jesus Christ and our Church.

He reminded us at all times – Be Not Afraid! This important aspect of our faith is even more important during these difficult days, so asking him to come camp with us this summer seems just perfect.

Be on the lookout for more information following Holy Week! 

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