Happy Saturday! Here’s an easy craft idea for your family or club!

With all this time with our families, and clubs not meeting due to virus concerns, are your kids feeling out of sorts? And how many of you have embroidery floss in a pile at your home? Like this ->>>>>

In the midst of all this ‘staying at home’, my older son got really bored and wanted to do something creative but low-key.

He discovered the method of making friendship bracelets with a ‘jellyfish loom’ or kumihimo loom made from cardboard (he used a cereal box).

Ours measures 4 inches in diameter, with 8 notches, 1/2 inch deep made at equal distance apart – think pizza slices! Make a center hole – be careful and help your little ones.

You then need 7 pieces of floss which we measured to 18 inches. All the same color, or two colors or 8!

You join the 7 strands together with a knot and press the strands through the center hole. You place one strand in each notch, leaving one notch empty. You then begin weaving.

I am not good at describing that process so watch the video below:

Here’s three of our wheels in action!

During one recent evening we had four of us working at the same time, comparing colors and results.

They are really easy to make, much easier than learning of the braiding methods, especially for younger kids. They take less than an hour (my daughter made one in under 1/2 hour going really, really fast just to see if she could).

Consider giving it a try! The results are pretty, your floss stash is cleared out and your kids (and yourself) had some low-key fun.

If you want to be really adventurous there are youtube tutorials on making square looms (!), working with 16 strands (!) and more!

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