Are you making it to church?

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While we can’t physically be with Jesus due to the current crisis, the site below has been real proof that God can make good out of any situation.

Through this site (and other locations), my family has ‘attended’ daily Mass in Alabama (EWTN), Bishop Barron’s private chapel (thru youtube), the Catholic Information Center, in Washington, DC run by Opus Dei (which they say is the closest tabernacle to Congress).

But we’ve also seen the beautiful St. Mary of the Isle Parish on Isle of Man (!!!). We’re thinking of heading to Knock, Ireland tomorrow morning.

In other words, through this site, youtube and facebook you can be a real part of our universal church. It is both encouraging and edifying to realize there are masses offered almost every 15 minutes around the USA and the world!

Another blessing we have discovered is:

I never even knew this prayer existed! Together with the Spiritual Communion which all the priests (sites) have included and the St. Michael Prayer at the end, our family has been feeling much less isolated.

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