Considering a Camp?


You may have seen our Little Flower camps or Mary’s Garden Parties advertised on our site ( or through the blog and thought ‘I wish I could take my daughter to one of these but can’t because….(fill in the blank here).’

Have you ever considered that you could host your own camp, literally in your own backyard?

Well, might this be your year to try in light our announcement (3/6) that we will not be hosting any national camps this summer? Our necessary respite from planning and hosting camps comes from several factors including the passing of Bob Stromberg (Joan’s husband) and my continued struggle with multiple sclerosis. While we will miss all of those lovely girls (and their mothers) from our regular camps in Virginia, Minnesota and Kentucky, it is the right time to stay home. So, it is all up to YOU!

Of course, making the time to plan and host a Little Flower (or Blue Knights or Hospitality Club or Honor Guard) camp/garden party will take time and effort on your part, but what you will gain will make it well worth it. We know because we did it first.

We also know when we do as Jesus told his apostles to “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” (Mk 6:31) we allow Him to strengthen us and give ourselves the grace we need for the work He calls us to do. The camps we have had are always done with a spirit of retreat woven throughout. By doing so, our time of fun, crafts, fireside songs and games lets Christ know we are two or three (or thirty) gathered in His name, asking Him to be present with us.

From the beginning, we have wanted our camps to have a Mother/Daughter retreat feel. Too many times, our lives are so busy with daily responsibilities and the siren call of the world that real time with the children God has given us to love, form and nurture is diminishing. These camps can go a long way to restore proper order to our relationships and our lives.

So, perhaps the Holy Spirit is calling you to consider planning a camp for your own group and perhaps even for those groups near you. To make this easier, we have compiled what you need in order to make such a camp/retreat possible. 

Remember to pray first for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and then give all of your efforts over to God. Ask the God of all creation to help you follow His will in what you create for His glory and praise. Once you’ve chosen the patron saints you want to include, add them to your prayer team, and know God is with you and working with you towards success.


Realize the importance of planning the camp well ahead of the time you want to host it. Of course, you can easily ‘throw together’ a day event with a pot luck supper and activities in a few weeks, but more time will be needed if your event will be longer.

Taking the time to plan well and give the families you are inviting the time they need to plan on attending (as well as plan on helping you out) is not only appreciated but the responsible and charitable thing to do. Luke 14:28 reminds us, “Which of you wishing to construct a tower does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if there is enough for its completion?”

Tomorrow’s section will include: WHO TO INVITE, LOCATION and TIME FRAME CONSIDERATIONS. See you then –

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