Happy New Year! Need a new patron saint?

We discovered Jen Fulwiler’s Saint & Word Generator a few years ago https://saintsnamegenerator.com/. It’s become a new tradition (is that an oxymoron?) in my family during the first few days of the new year to find a saint to both inspire and watch over us during the challenges and surprises of the upcoming year. We also use her word generator for the same purpose (sort of).

My saint? Saint Ambrose of Milan who is patron of bee keepers and learners. As a homeschool Mom, I can get behind the learning and, by an interesting coincidence, Matt and I have been talking about including more pollinator flowers in our garden this spring to help the falling bee population. Kind of cool!

He is also one of the first four doctors of the Church and developed the antiphonal chant. He has many good quotes but I have found two new favorites:

“It is not enough to just wish well, we must also do well.”


“As in paradise, God walks in the scriptures, seeking man.”

My word is MEET – not sure where that will take me but I do love meeting new people. Inspired by St. Ambrose, I’m going to see about adding a bit more Scripture reading to my prayer time in order to meet God who walks there.

Check it out for you and your family; perhaps as an activity at your next club meeting.

(The Crucifix above is from St. Joseph’s Nursing Home in Catonsville, MD where Matt’s mother, Mary, now resides. It is quite large, tucked high near the ceiling between the air vents – which you can see – and is only visible as you walk away from the altar in front. I saw it only after receiving Communion when we went there for Mass with her recently. It was really quite profound as it caught my eye. The blue is stunning and its placement cannot be coincidental.)

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