Your marriage matters – the Wedding Feast of Cana

Today’s gospel reminds us that Jesus’ first public miracle was at a wedding! How cool is that?

His mother and followers were there and he stepped in to prevent the host and the couple from the embarrassment that the wine had run out. The joy, enthusiasm, the dancing and the laughter of the first few days of the celebration (historically, these weddings would last days and days) were about to come to end, “they have no wine.”

Jesus, at the prompting of his Mother, our Mother, steps up and with only his word turns the water to wine. Marriage matters to Jesus and a good, healthy holy marriage should matter to you. It certainly matters to your family and your children. It matters to society more than ever as they seek to redefine marriage in their image rather than God’s.

But how are things at home? Has the wine run out in your marriage? Have you felt as if you are slurping the dregs of love? Perhaps you even feel the blush of embarrassment beginning to warm your cheeks when you think of your marriage or what people (perhaps your children?) may be thinking. But, please, please don’t worry, miracles still happen; every day and can happen for you!

Please don’t wait another day. Take advantage of the special graces that come every Sunday and turn today to Jesus and Mary and ask them to revive your marriage. Ask them to refill your jars! While your own wedding reception was years ago and probably didn’t last more than a day, they are still waiting to be asked to step in and not only give you more wine but, “the good wine”.

(If your marriage requires direct help through counseling, do not be embarrassed but encouraged by the work of Catholic Counselors and give them a call or email.)


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