As you wait to be healed…..

You’ve got a friend in me –

This week’s daily readings have all about being healed, including today’s, which was the familiar story of the four friends willing to climb to the roof to reach Jesus; all for a friend.

I will admit that hearing all these readings about being healed had me a bit despondent. Having dealt with my MS for over 20 years, I’m more than ready to be healed. I’ve prayed for it, I know Matt prays for it, I’ve been to services, been prayed over, and on and on. Yet, here I am.

Does the fact that I am not healed mean that God isn’t listening, doesn’t care? Of course not!!!

Prayers are never ignored or forgotten. God just has a better plan and I’m willing to wait (most days) to see what it is.

Hearing the reading today though, I thought of the friends. Those friends, those amazing friends willing to do the heavy lifting came to my mind. And the reality is that while I’m still waiting to be healed, I am not without good friends.

And you aren’t either. If you, like me, are waiting for God’s healing hand, do not despair or stay blue. You aren’t alone and as I ask for the Great Physician to touch me, I will remember all of you who are need of healing as well.

Good friends stick together!

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