Back to Ordinary Time….A prayer for putting away Christmas

Perhaps your family waits until February to put away your Christmas decorations but my family took care of it this past Monday (following the Feast of the Baptism of Christ, Jan. 13, 2019). Matthew unexpectedly and wonderfully had the day off of work due to the snow storm that hit Washington, DC, so it was a real family event.

We then took advantage of his presence to really clean out and rearrange our storage room so Christmas was put neatly away (or mostly neatly as I discovered a rogue gingerbread man magnet this morning) waiting now for the next Advent season.

I am always a bit sad about seeing all the colors drained from our living room – no more gold, purple or red. Without the distraction of the creche, stockings and collection of St. Nicholas’ (and Santas) on the mantel, the orange carpet on the floor looks its age and the fingerprints seem to glow instead of the lights on the tree. Oh, well, life moves on – – –

So, I was just so happy to find this article from Tom Hoopes (Benedictine College) with a prayer for putting away Christmas ornaments! Who knew?!

Prayer for Putting Away Christmas Decorations

(My ‘Christmas’ birds are staying.)


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