Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Any resolutions planned?


Today at Mass, my deacon asked about our New Year’s resolutions and how many, in just one day, we had managed to break. As we laughed, he reminded us that the only resolutions that really matter are those that help us get to heaven. He challenged us to take a look at what we hoped for 2019 and make sure a better faith life was on the list.

His suggestions are simple – pray a bit more, read Scripture a bit more and love a bit more. There are so many resources on-line, apps, etc. to do each of these so you probably don’t need any help but in case you do, here’s what we are doing.

We are replacing the Hail Mary with the Memorae in our evening prayers. Without wanting to cause scandal, its history is powerful and changing up our evening prayer routine keeps the everyone engaged a bit better.

Matt and I are reading just one psalm a night before we fall asleep. We’ve started at the beginning but I plan on skipping the sad ones, those that speak of abandonment, fears, etc. for awhile. I want to fill my spiritual tank with those reminders of God’s love and mercy first then we’ll start adding in those that speak of our human frailty and sinfulness.  With 150 of them, we’re covered for almost 1/2 the year planned.

As for the loving, I’m taking that one moment at a time trying to hold my tongue, count to five, breath deep and ask the Blessed Mother for greater patience (so far, so good!).

We’ll also be praying for you each day of 2019 that you and your own garden of Little Flowers and Blue Knights never forget God’s love for you.

(FYI – the photo is from my own creche resting on my fireplace; enjoy!)


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