How have you been? How is your school year winding down?

My last homeschool co-op event (a student showcase) was last night and I woke up this morning feeling lighter and better than I have in months. I did not realize just how stressed I was feeling about the event until it was over. I also smiled seeing the bright blue sky and no rain which has not been the case here in Maryland for the past few days…weeks….months. The sunshine was so, so nice to see.

I will also admit that some of my burden was undeserved guilt about not blogging/posting more frequently. But this morning, when I offered my morning prayer for all of you (as usual), God inspired to write the the headline above; ‘ask them how they are’. So I am – How are you all doing? How was your year? Please let us know if you’d like.

I then lifted even further when the first song I heard on my Pandora Christian station was Matt Maher’s, “What a Friend we have in Jesus”:

Everybody has fears, everybody got worries
Everybody knows sorrow, devastation
But we can lay our burdens down (our burdens down)
Lay our burdens down

This is not my grandmother’s version of this familiar phrase/song but an upbeat, infectious reminder that we are never alone.

Give it listen here: Matt Maher’s “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”

I headed off to Mass with a real bounce in my step that can’t seem to stop; I’m working on laying my burdens down at Jesus’ feet.

So, I hope our school year is winding down and you are looking forward to the summer. I certainly am!

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