Learning to love a bit stronger on social media – Special Books by Special Kids

I’m am not very tech savvy and probably never will be, so I rely on my children to let me know when they discover something that just needs to be shared and that happened yesterday.

Have you discovered Special Books by Special Kids? What a living, breathing display of our need to promote life!

This powerful site and accompanying YouTube channel and Facebook page introduces you to children, young people and even adults with a variety of diagnoses, struggles and special needs. Hearing their stories, seeing their faces and realizing the love that God has for each and every one of them is a wonderful opportunity to learn compassion, love of neighbor and yes, even joy.

Perhaps you or your children encounter such special people in your regular lives, perhaps even in your own family. But, perhaps you’ve not had many such meetings. Watching these videos either alone or with your children (based on their age and tenderness of soul) will surely help stretch your heart. At the very least, it will introduce you to some new friends and families who can always use some extra prayers and happy thoughts.

I suggest you first watch the videos on the website as an introduction to Chris Ulmer (founder) and how and why SBSK got started and then dive in. With 100’s of videos, you won’t run out of smiles any time soon.

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