Happy Feast of St. Brigid

With a Brigid of my own, I have a real love for this holy lady. I was pregnant with her while on a family vacation to Ireland which was lovely. We visited castles, pubs and even kissed the Blarney Stone (where I was told I would have twins). During this trip Matt and I were struggling with names for our newest baby (she would be #6) when we passed a lovely, small Irish church dedicated to St. Brigid and the decision was quickly made.

Much of St. Brigid’s story is legend, due to the part to the fact that she lived prior to the establishment of the Catholic Church in Ireland and a reliance on their rich oral tradition rather than written records. Depending on where you look online you can read of her being able to turn bath water into beer and as the patron of the women’s priest movement (!!). There are sites galore on-line who will want to confuse the Catholic saint with Brigid as a Gaelic god of life so proceed cautiously if you decide to investigate more about her.

But, for us, we will remember her as a partner with St. Patrick to bring Catholicism to the people of Ireland under the rule and thumb of pagan Druids including establishing the monastery in Kildaire.

May she inspire us to let ourselves be used by God even when it seems we don’t have all the resources, education or support that we ought.




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