Did you make any resolutions? I’m reading more –

The arrival of ordinary time has me re-thinking my resolutions. Yes, I am one of those people who usually makes a grocery list of resolutions of what I would like to change up, change out or include in my 2018 plans. In years past, my list has been over 2 dozen items and sometimes only 2-3. This year was I very ambitious and, as usual, by the arrival of ordinary time, today, I’ve come back to reality and realized what is actually possible.

One item that remains on every list, every year, on both the unrealistic list and actually do-able one, is to read more. This keeps out from under my laptop, away from a computer screen or TV and actually learning something new or traveling somewhere new in my own imagination. Throughout the year, I’ll flip back and forth between books for my younger ones, YA books for my older ones and books just for me.

This year, the first one I picked is for me – just me – and I’m reading Matthew Kelly’s, Resisting Happiness.

Matthew Kelly might be a familiar name to you, or you may know of his work with Dynamic Catholic. The first book I ever read of his was Rediscover Catholicism which was a wonderful book to recharge my soul’s cradle Catholic battery.

But, I’ve resisted reading Happiness specifically because I’ve always considered myself a bit of a Pollyanna – always joyful, always happy. But, in truth, this isn’t true. I’m prone to discouragement and struggle just like anyone else. While my default emotion tends more to joy than sadness, life can wear down even the most joyful person. And, I’ve very happy to say I’m finding real encouragement in Matthew’s easy to read and uplifting book.

Perhaps you want to consider getting one of his books (you can get them ‘free’ by only paying a shipping charge of $5.95, not bad at all considering the cost of most books can be over $10).

However, if the cost is a burden to you, see if your local library has a partnership with Hoopla which allows you to digitally download this book (and many, many others) on your tablets, computers, etc. using just your library card!



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