The Original Novena Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Ascension Thursday found in Luke 24:50-53 or Acts 1:6-11.

As we all remember, once the apostles saw Jesus lifted into the air, they went together to the Upper Room along with the Blessed Mother and other women, staying there for 9 days (9 days = novena) awaiting the descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) as described in Acts 1.

This feast is so cool because every year at this time, we get to join them in the Upper Room and pray for the descent of the Holy Spirit! Our God of love and mercy stands outside of space and time and grants us access to the room, the prayer and the Holy Spirit. Picture it: the rough floors, the rough smell. Set yourself shoulder to shoulder next to the men and women who might still be fearful of arrest, overwhelmed by Jesus’ resurrected from the dead joining with His Mother. They gathered together to pray for the Advocate promised in John 14:26.

I can see myself there as I am often am right now – a bit confused by what Jesus has asked me to do. An Advocate, what’s an Advocate?? And what about those rooms He mentioned? And the fact He said we can’t follow Him although He also said “come and follow me?” What is going on??!!!

My novena intentions this year (and has been for several years in a row) will include a request peace and clarity to do only the will of my Father in heaven.

Let’s join together as one family under God to pray for each other and our intentions!

Check out all the resources available through EWTN:  Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit Novena or Ascension Novena

You can also head over to Pray More Novenas for email reminders and more.


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