Make and Share Charities at Camp!

Mary’s Garden Party has a unique tradition of swapping “charities” each year. What are charities? They are pins that the girls make and share with each other at camp. These pins can be themed around anything to do with Little Flowers, a saint, a flower, a virtue, or other Catholic ideas. The girls then pin the charities to their hats or bandannas, creating fun and unique headgear!

Most charities are about an inch or two big, and should be pin-able. They can be made out of felt, pipe cleaner, beads, or anything else you have on hand. Many girls also like to attach their contact information to the charities so they can keep in touch with each other throughout the year.

Below are a few examples of charities. You can find more ideas on our Pinterest board.

Vatican flag made out of felt

Flower made from felt and pipe cleaners

Angel made from felt and pipe cleaners

Roses made from felt

Monstrance made from pipe cleaners and beads

Mini rosary made from beads

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What Makes Mary’s Garden Party Unique?

Mary’s Garden Party is a unique and fulfilling experience. Why? It blends two great things into one: summer camp and retreat. The summer camp part means mothers and daughter get to bond while having the best summer experience, camping, bonfires, canoeing, swimming, and more! The retreat portion means girls and mothers get to bond through prayer, rosary, learning about saints, and going to Mass together.

For the chance to experience this unique camp for yourself, register today!

Leesburg, VA, July 12-14, 2019

Pine Island, MN, July 19-21, 2019

Crestwood, KY, August 24-25, 2019

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Sponsor a Camp!

Mary’s Garden Party wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors, who subsidize the cost for attendees. Today, you have the chance to become a sponsor! There are many different levels, ranging from item donations to sponsoring t-shirts for all three camps. Check them out below.

 $25 Patron per camp/Program per camp/ $60 all three camps

Your business will underwrite each participant’s camp program. They will receive several badges, including 2 patron saint badges! Your company’s name and logo will be in the participants’ programs.

 $50 Badge Sponsor per camp/ $125 all three camps

Your business will help provide all the materials the girls need to earn their badges! The girls love the activities and the rewards of their hard work. Your company will receive recognition in the program, on the website and verbally throughout the weekend.

  $75 Graduation Cap Sponsor per camp/$175 for all three camps 

The girls will earn their “doctorates” in feminine genius, and your donation helps them earn their graduation caps. Each team’s cap will be in a different color to set them apart, and they’ll look like real doctors of the church.

 $100 Mary’s Garden Party t-shirt sponsor per camp/ $250 all three camps

Your business will provide each participant with a camp t-shirt. The campers wear the shirts at the closing Mass and over and over all year long. These shirts help keep the spirit of the weekend alive, long after their fun is over.

 Provide Raffle or Silent Auction items

Silent auction or gifts you provide will be on display, with your business name, at the camps. Items that are Family Evangelization, retreat guides for girls, or anything 90’s themed would be most useful. We hope to raise money from the Silent Auction to cover costs of the girls who may not be able to afford to go to camp. Please e-mail or send to: Behold Christ Club Foundation, 4503 Mattingly Ct. Suite E, Buckner, KY 40010

To become a sponsor, visit the sponsorship page on our website.


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Earn new badges at Mary’s Garden Party 2019!

Earn these Patron Saint Badges at Mary’s Garden Party 2019!

St. Thomas Aquinas – Patron of Scholars









As a Doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas embodies one half of Mary’s Garden Party 2019. Girls and their moms will learn about Thomas Aquinas and do an activity to earn their badge. More information coming soon!

St. Gianna Molla – Patron of Pro-Life Work









St. Gianna Molla is one of the great female saints of our time. She embodies the feminine genius, and girls and their moms will have a chance to discuss her life and work during this year’s camp.

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Theme announcement!

Mary’s Garden Party has a new theme each year, along with new badges you can earn. This year’s theme is

Feminine Genius Academy: Class of 2019!

Girls will have the opportunity to learn all about female doctors of the church and how they shaped our faith today while having loads of fun with their friends and moms.

We’ll see you in July and August!


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This Mom’s FAVORITE Weekend!

Rosary around the campfire, painted rocks, belting a 90s power ballad, kayak in the lake–just a few of the highlights of another Little Flowers camp. This is the 5th year my daughters, ages 13 and 8, and I have attended the Little Flowers Camp. It is one of my favorite weekends of the year: a chance to relax, spend time with my daughters, be encouraged by other moms, have quiet(!) time with God, and be refreshed for the year ahead. And no cooking!!! All of this in a beautiful location with a Catholic-to-the-core atmosphere. My daughters love the activities, time with friends, old and new, and time away from the hectic pace of the school year. Rachel Watkins and Joan Stromberg, the foundresses of Little Flowers, are amazing examples of motherhood by their faith, sacrifice, grace, and humor. I enjoy whatever combination of their bountiful daughters that come each year, and am inspired by their girls’ leadership. Rachel takes time to be with just the moms to affirm and galvanize us for our mission as mothers, one of the treasured parts of the weekend.

So, Ladies, scrape your pennies together, get your husband on board (novena to Sts. Louis and Zelie, if necessary) and plan to attend next year with your daughters!

Mary, Mom of 2 Little Flowers, Club Leader


It’s not too late to join us in Minnesota and Kentucky to make Mary’s Garden Party YOUR favorite Weekend! Register Today!

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Virginia Campers’ Journal

Many thanks to Maggie, Katherine, Faith, Chiara and Teresa  (4 teenagers and an 8 year old) for coming to Mary’s Garden Party in Virginia this past weekend and writing up this post for those of you who may be wondering what goes on in our summer camps.

Happy Birthday

Friday Afternoon

When we first arrive, we are directed to the meeting hall decorated by colorful signs and balloons. We are greeted by friendly faces. Later, we play games to get to get to know one another, swap charities, have a delicious dinner, and then go to bed in either a cabin or tent.

Saturday All Day

Once morning comes, we have a refreshing breakfast, we split up into groups with our new friends, then start our activities. Since the theme was based on the 90s, we play 90s games and participate in mother/daughter activities. We learn about St. Therese and paint kindness rocks. ​

We go canoeing and swim in the ​amazing lake. After the fun activities, we eat dinner and then its time for the mother/daughter talent show.  Some groups do 90s skits and songs. We si​ng an awesome rendition of ‘l ​Will ​A​lways ​L​ove ​Y​ou’ by Whitney Houston. Afterwards, we sit around the campfire, pray the Rosary and sing familiar Catholic songs and funny songs as well. After that, we get ready for bed and talk to some new friends before it’s lights​ out​.Freedom Center Lake

​​Sunday Morning

Th​is last day is bittersweet because we are sad it’s over​ but thankful to have enjoyed such a wonderful weekend. We eat breakfast, have an award ceremony, then we all go to Mass together in our ​purple and silver Little Flowers Camp shirts. We take a group picture​,​ then say our goodbyes​,​ promising each other to keep in touch.

Little Flowers Camp is an amazing opportunity to make new friends, participate in mother/daughter activities, immerse ourselves in the Catholic Faith​,​ and learn campgirlsabout the Little ​Way of St. Therese​. See ya next year!


There is still time to register for the Minnesota and Kentucky Camps! Don’t miss out!

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