Decorating Aprons

This year’s Mary’s Garden Partys will be themed a Passport to Portugal. This theme will allow us to explore different facets of Portuguese culture. During the early 1900s, when Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta were alive, the women of Portugal typically wore long billowy skirts with white blouses and an apron. At Mary’s Garden Party we will be decorating aprons. Please join us at one of the three camps located in Pine Island, Minnesota on July 14-16, Leesburg, VA on July 21-23, and  Crestwood, Kentucky on July 29-30.


Photo credit goes to the catholiccompany.

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Passports to Portugal

Gearing up for our trip to Mary’s Garden Party. So excited to share with you these amazing passports we are creating for our camps this year. Inside we will have the schedule, prayers and other important information for attendees. Please come join us either in Pine Island Minnesota July 14-16 , Leesburg Va July 21-23 or Crestwood Kentucky July 29-30.

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Miracle of the Sun

Mary’s Garden Party this year will be themed a Passport to Portugal as we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima. Keeping with this theme, one of the crafts we will be doing is sun catchers. We will paint and decorate the sun catchers at all the camps. Please come join us either in Pine Island Minnesota July 14-16 , Leesburg Va July 21-23 or Crestwood Kentucky July 29-30.

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Dancing with St. Jacinta

Saint Jacinta was the youngest of the three visionaries at Fatima. St. Jacinta lived life with a sense of joy, laughter, song and dance. St. Jacinta was known for dancing. Prior to the apparitions St. Jacinta and her cousin Lucia would dance and pick flowers in the fields while watching the sheep. St. Jacinta’s love for God and her desire for sacrifice was so great that following the apparitions she would give up dancing as a form of reparation. In honor of St. Jacinta’s simple joy two of the Little Flowers Girls’ Camps will host a square dance that will teach all attendees basic steps. So put on your dancing shoes and join us at Mary’s Garden Party in Crestwood, Kentucky on July 29-30 and Pine Island, Minnesota on July 14-16.









Photo credit goes to catholic soul.

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Boating with St. Brendan

St. Brendan was a monk who lived during the 6th century which was the early and  vibrant age of Catholic Ireland. St. Brendan is credited with being the first European to sail to America. It is because of this long seven year journey that St. Brendan is considered the patron of navigators, mariners and watercraft. Join us in Leesburg, Virginia July 21-23 to earn our Saint Brendan’s Watercraft badge at the the Freedom Center’s lake by participating in several activities that will use canoes and kayaks. Register Here!

Picture credit to catholicprayercards

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Welcome to Fatima, Portugal, 1917!

Take a journey back in time and across the ocean to Fatima, Portugal, 1917! This year’s Mary’s Garden Party theme is: Our Lady of Fatima-100 Years of Grace. We will be dressing, eating and dancing like as we follow Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia through the visions of Fatima toward their journey to sainthood!

Badge work may include: Our Lady of Fatima badge, St. Ann Sewing badge (new), St. Jacinta Dance Badge (new) St. Brendan Watercraft Badge (new) or St. Elizabeth of Hungary Cooking Badge.

Some camps will also host a Square Dance! Keep checking back for updates!

Registrations are now open for our three scheduled camps for the summer (links on right…scroll down). Other pages for activities, menus and schedules will be updated soon. See you soon!

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Virginia Mary’s Garden Party Highlights

Here is the last video of highlights for this summer’s Mary’s Garden Party. This was held in Leesburg, VA July 8-10. We are planning on returning to Freedom Center in Leesburg July 21-23 , 2017, so save the date!


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Lake St. Joseph Highlights

Enjoy the beautiful outdoor pictures from Lake St. Joseph Mary’s Garden Party held in Crestwood, KY July 22-24,2016.

Thanks to all who braved the heat, especially Carrie McGraw for taking over the tree/tracking ID segment of our Outdoor Adventures Badge and Maggie Stromberg, Theresa Stromberg and Elizabeth Stromberg for all their help, too. Special thanks to Sr. Martha, our beautiful and gracious host.

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Summer Camp Memories

Our July Marathon of Mary’s Garden Party has ended, but the memories live on! Thanks to all those who made the camps a huge success. We will be posting videos from the camps over the next few day. The first on is from Pine Island, Minnesota. Many thanks to Carol Nelson, Felicity Taylor, Elizabeth Stromberg, Rachel Watkins and the priests at the Church of St. Michael in Pine Island. See you next year!
MGP 2016 –

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