Lunch Menu

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to feed you all for the Virtual Kick Off Party, but we thought we’d let you know what we were fixing for lunch so that if you’d like to share the experience together/apart, we can do that!

We all know St. John Paul II was very proud of his Polish heritage. In celebration of him, if we were able to be together for camp, here’s what you might have seen as our planned lunch:


Perogies – Mrs. T’s is a brand most every grocery store carries. You could thaw and fry them or bake them in the oven. They are good on their own or with sour cream and onions. The Strombergs like their’s sauteed with onions.


Polish Kielbasa – Another easy to find grocery item, they are so easy to slice and fry with peppers & onions (or not). They are good in a roll like a hot dog or without.

As side dish options, we might have offered you:

Kapusta zasmażana, known to us as sauerkraut


Sałatka ziemniaczana or Polish Potato Salad. Think of this as our familiar mayonnaise-based potato salad with boiled potatoes, hard boiled eggs and dill with the addition of a smoked meat or herring (be assured we would have skipped the smoked meat!).

As for dessert, you might head over to where they have a wonderful list of Polish desserts, including:

Kremowka Papieska (Papal Cream), a cream cake renamed in honor of St. John Paul II when it was found that it was a childhood favorite of his.

Maybe you have a local bakery which sells the delightful Polish Paczki or Polish jelly-filled doughnuts.

As several of the recipes they offer are time consuming, we might have offered apple pie instead of the scarlotka (apple tart) or a simple coffee cake rather than the placek z kruszonka.

At my house? We’ll be having the kielbasa and perogies (already in regular meal rotation, despite our being not Polish at all) and for dessert?

My family is going to be making nalesniki, the Polish crepe (which one article said the French stole from the Polish!). They can be made thick or thin, filled with fruit, a chocolate spread such as nutella or just sprinkled with powdered sugar. There are several easy to find recipes for these on-line including at

In honor of St. John Paul II, you might also decide to have one or two of these same, easy to find Polish foods for your lunchtime at home.

Whatever you have – Dobre Jedzenie! – or good eating in Polish