Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mothers and Chaperons need to pay?

Yes, the cost of the camp covers everything from the T-shirts, hats, to goodie bags and outreach activities! Mothers and chaperons who wish to attend must purchase a combo ticket for mothers and one daughter. Second daughter tickets can be purchased at a discount.

What is the Purpose of Little Flowers Girls’ Club® Summer Camp?

The purpose of the summer camp is to allow girls who participate or are interested in Little Flowers Girls’ Club® the opportunity to come together during the summer to grow in virtue and discover their Catholic community in God’s Garden. The camp allows for Little Flowers members, leaders and mothers to meet fellow Catholics in their area, to share their common faith and values and to exchange their own ideas and experiences with Little Flowers.

What can we expect?

Campers will participate in Little Flower Girls’ Club® activities that have been modified to fit a camp format, including an opportunity to earn new badges. There will also be games, time for prayer, songs around the campfire, crafts and, most importantly, the opportunity for girls to make new friends!

How will mothers and leaders participate?

Mothers will be able to help out with all activities and spend time with their girls as they earn new badges. Mothers will also be able to meet other Little Flower mothers and leaders to share ideas and stories of how to foster virtue in both the home and Little Flower groups.

Who needs a Chaperone?

**All children under the age of 10 need an adult chaperone over the age of 21 who will be responsible for them for the duration of the camp**

Children under this age tend to experience uncertainty, anxiety and fear when left for an extend period of time with people they are not familiar with or in a place they are not familiar with. We ask that all children under this age to be accompanied by a chaperone, this chaperone does not need to be a parent or guardian but any adult over the age of 21 who is familiar with the child or children. Please indicate who the chaperone will be when registering.

What are “Charities”?

Charities are small pins, badges, medals or small gifts that the girls can swap with one another, girls should bring about fifty so that they can be sure to swap with everyone. Exchanging charities is a fantastic way for girls to break the ice and get to know each other and at the end, they have something to remember the camp and their new friends with. Girls can add their name and addresses to the charities so it is easier to keep in contact after the camp is over. These are not mandatory to bring but are they highly suggested. For examples and suggestions visit this page or visit our Pinterest page!

Do you have to be a registered Little Flower?

No, you do not have to be a registered Little Flower Club or even a part of a Little Flowers group to attend. The camp is a great opportunity for mothers and girls who wish to learn more about Little Flowers and the clubs in their area.

What if I want one in my area?

If you are interested in hosting a Little Flowers Girls’ Camp in you area please contact for requirements.

Are Blue Knights Invited?

No. As of right now the Summer Camps are for Little Flowers members, Little Women Hospitality members, leaders, mothers and female friends only. However, some of the camps do invite brothers and dads to come to enjoy the Sunday afternoons with the girls. See individual camp schedules for more information.

If I am unable to attend after registering, can I get a refund?

If you find you are unable to attend after registering, please notify us immediately. We purchase all the items used at camp many weeks in advance, depending on the number or registrants. Many items are often personalized. For this reason, no refunds are given within two weeks of the event. We will be happy, however, to send you the items we’ve purchased for you and your daughter, if you are not able to attend. These include the camp shirts, badges, craft items, and other goodies that the girls receive at camp. Thank you for your understanding.

Please contact for any additional questions or concerns.