Virtual Kick off Party Schedule

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE – Eastern Standard Time


10:00 a.m.  Welcome to the Wonderful World of Watkins!


-Opening prayers

-Overview of the day (if weather is good, we’re outside, if not, we’re inside. I am seeing if using our church’s library again is a good idea, I’ll let you know).

-Review of needed supplies for badges, etc.


10:15 a.m Song


10:20 a.m. John Paul II Badge- earn the acting patron saint badge.

-History of St. John Paul II

-Reading of short bio, share map of his travels, etc.


SKIT – Special Guest Arrival and Interview. Introduce the interview technique for a quick and easy skit and introduce our Special Guest.


11:30 a.m. Craft

-Virgencita Blackline of Our Lady of Fatima


-Show images of other virgencita’s. Talk of Pope John Paul II’s love for Our Lady of Fatima and his belief that she saved his life.


-Grace will demonstrate how to draw one of your own as well as embellish the backline downloads.


12:00’ish After craft. Song, Angelus, say Grace before lunch. See you after lunch! Send your questions, comments, discussion topics via the webinar.


12:20 – Shout out to everyone who is registered, answering any questions, quick game idea, etc.


12:30 – St. Camillus-earn the First Aid Patron Saint Badge


Short biography and why he was chosen together with St. John Paul II.

Go over links and suggestions for learning basic first aid.

Show what we will include in the car first aid kit and how to pack it.


1:15 – Talk by Happy Watkins


On becoming a loving daughter of God – encouragement and how-to for girls in a world without love.


1:30 – Rosary, Final Song and Good-bye