Swag Bag

SWAG Bags (stuff we all get) for the Virtual Kick-Off Party are coming together!

So, what do we have in our goodie bags so far?

First, we have a nice canvas bag with a awesome logo showing several of our Little Flowers saints (can you name them?) as well as a great quote from Saint John Paul II. The mask also proclaims the same message proclaiming that Little Flowers are not afraid to become saints!

Also included is a sticker with even more saints pictured on them with the same message. Use it to decorate your notebooks, prayer books, or wherever you want to be reminded that a Little Flowers’ goal is to become a saint.



The Swag Bags also include St. Benedict protector door knob hangers. These are the Watkins’ and Strombergs’ Charities for all of you. In past camps, families would make tokens to remember the camps and swap them with other families at camp. Since this year is virtual, we couldn’t all swap charities, but we didn’t want to be without them, so we made these St. Benedict protectors. They have several different medals, beads, crosses on each of them, and they are all unique. The ten knots in the ribbon make them perfect to use as a one-decade Rosary.

This lovely book from our friends at Holy Heroes (retail $14.95) will be such a blessing to you and your family and we will pray the Rosary together using the book at the Virtual Kick Off party!

Stay tuned to see what other goodies we have in store for our Swag Bags!

Availability of bags as shown are dependent on registration…so Register Early in order to make sure you secure your Swag Bag!! We have a limited number of swag bags, so REGISTER TODAY! SWAG BAGS are not guaranteed!

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship SWAG Bags internationally. For groups who meet outside of the USA, you can register your group for the webinar with one registration and you will be allowed access to either host a watch party with your group live or with the archived version.

UPDATE: Swag bags for those who registered before September 20th have been shipped! Late registrations: we will get you your swag bags as soon as possible. They are not necessary to have to join the Kick Off Party. Please feel free to register and you will get your swag bag eventually.