Invite from Rachel Watkins

We Miss You – All of You!

I am just going to say it – what a lousy summer! From the worries and woes due to the virus to the rough weather, most of us have had to stay home this summer. And while they might call it a ‘stay-cation’ any time spent cooking for myself and my family, sleeping in my own bed and seeing the same sights out the windows is NOT a vacation.

AND I MISSED OUR CAMPS! Truly and deeply I missed our camps. I missed seeing your faces, hugging you and your daughters and singing Little Bunny Foo Foo. I did not miss the mosquitoes and ‘Baby Shark’ but the campfires, s’mores and rosaries said as the sun is setting are fading memories.

Will you consider joining me and my girls for a Welcome Back virtual camp? We are creating a virtual camp where you can join us (me, Happy, Nora and Grace as well as Joan Stromberg and her daughter, Cecelia) in earning some badges, doing a craft, saying a rosary together, and more.

We want our “Welcome Back” theme to help you welcome the new school year – whatever it looks like in your part of the country. We are also hoping this first venture in doing Little Flowers Girls’ Club® virtually will lead itself to other opportunities for virtual meetings. We want to try out earning badges, hearing some talks, doing a craft, sharing our faith and having fun despite the distance.

Take a look at our plan and see if you can save the date and join us! We’ll do our best (despite not being professionals) and look forward to seeing your faces and hearing your voices!