Make and Share Charities at Camp!

Mary’s Garden Party has a unique tradition of swapping “charities” each year. What are charities? They are pins that the girls make and share with each other at camp. These pins can be themed around anything to do with Little Flowers, a saint, a flower, a virtue, or other Catholic ideas. The girls then pin the charities to their hats or bandannas, creating fun and unique headgear!

Most charities are about an inch or two big, and should be pin-able. They can be made out of felt, pipe cleaner, beads, or anything else you have on hand. Many girls also like to attach their contact information to the charities so they can keep in touch with each other throughout the year.

Below are a few examples of charities. You can find more ideas on our Pinterest board.

Vatican flag made out of felt

Flower made from felt and pipe cleaners

Angel made from felt and pipe cleaners

Roses made from felt

Monstrance made from pipe cleaners and beads

Mini rosary made from beads

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