Virginia Campers’ Journal

Many thanks to Maggie, Katherine, Faith, Chiara and Teresa  (4 teenagers and an 8 year old) for coming to Mary’s Garden Party in Virginia this past weekend and writing up this post for those of you who may be wondering what goes on in our summer camps.

Happy Birthday

Friday Afternoon

When we first arrive, we are directed to the meeting hall decorated by colorful signs and balloons. We are greeted by friendly faces. Later, we play games to get to get to know one another, swap charities, have a delicious dinner, and then go to bed in either a cabin or tent.

Saturday All Day

Once morning comes, we have a refreshing breakfast, we split up into groups with our new friends, then start our activities. Since the theme was based on the 90s, we play 90s games and participate in mother/daughter activities. We learn about St. Therese and paint kindness rocks. ​

We go canoeing and swim in the ​amazing lake. After the fun activities, we eat dinner and then its time for the mother/daughter talent show.  Some groups do 90s skits and songs. We si​ng an awesome rendition of ‘l ​Will ​A​lways ​L​ove ​Y​ou’ by Whitney Houston. Afterwards, we sit around the campfire, pray the Rosary and sing familiar Catholic songs and funny songs as well. After that, we get ready for bed and talk to some new friends before it’s lights​ out​.Freedom Center Lake

​​Sunday Morning

Th​is last day is bittersweet because we are sad it’s over​ but thankful to have enjoyed such a wonderful weekend. We eat breakfast, have an award ceremony, then we all go to Mass together in our ​purple and silver Little Flowers Camp shirts. We take a group picture​,​ then say our goodbyes​,​ promising each other to keep in touch.

Little Flowers Camp is an amazing opportunity to make new friends, participate in mother/daughter activities, immerse ourselves in the Catholic Faith​,​ and learn campgirlsabout the Little ​Way of St. Therese​. See ya next year!


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