Mary’s Rosary

Since we are going to say the Rosary at least once at Mary’s Garden Party, as well as referencing it multiple times, we should know how important this prayer is. So what is the Rosary? The Rosary is a prayer that has been said by Catholics for hundreds of years. The Rosary is split up into five parts. Each section begins with Our Father followed by ten Hail Mary’s and ending with a Glory Be. In the 1200s, Our Lady appeared to Saint Dominic asking that he spread the devotion of the Rosary. The Rosary was able to combat heresies and convert many sinners. Through the years since Mary’s gift was initially given, she has repeatedly asked other saints and visionaries to spread the devotion. When Our Lady appeared in Fatima this message was shared again. Our Lady requested that the three children spread the devotion of the Rosary. She also requested that the Rosary should be said with the intention to pray for the conversion of Russia. A request that would not be fulfilled for many years. The Rosary has become a powerful, deep and beautiful prayer that draws the individual soul closer to Jesus through Mary. Please join us at one of the three camps located in Pine Island, Minnesota on July 14-16, Leesburg, VA on July 21-23, and  Crestwood, Kentucky on July 29-30.

Pictures attributed to catholicprayercards and the catholic spiritual life.

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