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Welcome the the Little Flowers Girls Club registered Clubs site. This site offers resources to leaders and members who have registered.

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Bonus Materials for Girls

Under the girl’s section you’ll find bonus information for each lesson by wreath.

Your girls can explore these pages on their own or you can use the material there in your meetings. Each page includes:

A quote about the virtue.

A quiz about the patron saint.

  1. All of the questions except for the bonus question are based on the biographies found in the member’s guide. Answers can be found at the bottom of each page so your girls can easily quiz themselves.
  2. Activity Idea: take the information from all the quizzes to make a jeopardy style game for the girls to play when they complete each wreath.

Flower Facts

  1. Includes three interesting facts about the flowers and an explanation for why each flower was chosen for its saint and virtue

A quote from or about the patron saint.

Comment section with ideas from other leaders taken from various blogs, facebook postings and more. PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN IDEAS AND LINKS HERE.  

External Resources.

  1. These includes books, CDs, YouTube videos and other materials about the patron saint.
  2. Your girls can use these personally at home
  3. Activity Idea: You can form a Little Flower’s based book club to read about and discuss the lives of the saints.
  4. Activity Idea: You can show the YouTube videos during your meetings

Treasury of Prayers

The pages explain prayers of the Church such as the rosary, the Divine Chaplet of Mercy, a novena to St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the patron of Little Flowers and other prayers in simple terms that your girls can understand easily. It explains that prayer is, above all, direct communication with God – a simple conversation between friends. You can let your girls use these pages on their own or use them to help explain prayers to your girls in your meetings. There are also links to CDs that you might like to use in your homes or in your clubs to aid you in praying the rosary with your girls.

God’s Little Flowers Pages

St. Thérèse’s Little Way explains St. Thérèse’s spirituality of doing “little things with great love” in simple terms that your girls can understand. It offers ideas for how they apply it to their daily lives and can inspire your girls to strive for holiness on a daily basis.

Book Recommendations offer lists of wholesome secular books separated by age group and genre that your girls might enjoy.

Our Holy Father includes a prayer for the pope because the most important thing we can do for our Holy Father is to pray for him. As Christ’s Vicar on earth and the Shepherd of the Church, it is important to instill in your girls a sense of love for and loyalty to the Holy Father, this will feed their love for the Church and her teachings. It also includes the Holy Father’s monthly intentions. The Catholic Church is universal; it spreads throughout the world and consists of people from all walks of life, from every culture. Yet the Church is also One in Jesus Christ. We can unite with the whole Church when we pray for the Holy Father’s monthly intentions. Finally it includes a quote from the Holy Father’s weekly audience.