Fundraiser Over, but Seeds are Still Available!

Although the fundraiser orders were due February 15, we still have seeds left over for purchase at the Registered Clubs price ($2.00 per seed packet and $9 per Mary Garden) as well as Catholic historical fiction books at the discount price, too! But when the seeds are gone, so will this great opportunity!

Best of all, when you buy seeds and Catholic fiction on the fundraising website, it ships FREE! You just need to pay by check or paypal to place your order.

You do need to be a Registered Club to take advantage of this offer, but just click on the registration tab above and take just a few minutes to register your group. When you log in with your username and password, the fundraising tab and all the extra resources will be available to you. Registration is FREE and used for information and contact purposes only. Other members of your club may use the Registered Clubs site as well.

Registration gets you special offers (like this one!), great resources to share with your group, and more to come! Blue Knights Registered Clubs site coming soon!