Register your Little Flowers, Hospitality or Blue Knights Clubs HERE! Fall open Enrollment Ends October 15.

Registering your Catholic Club has some awesome advantages! You get exclusive content for registered groups including trusted resources, reviews, fundraising opportunities, mapping of your group and much more! Best of all, Registration is completely FREE! [Note: it will take several weeks for you to receive an email confirmation with your username and password, but you can order your supplies right away at our ONLINE CATALOG] Registration is for information and mapping purposes. Clubs do not need to be registered prior to proceeding with planning your activities.

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Not sure if you’ve registered your club? Check the map here to see if your club is listed.

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2 thoughts on “Register Your Club

  1. Jamie Sue Maldonado says:

    My Troop was registered with the wrong number – it is listed as Troop #532 but the real troop number is Troop #5312 – could you please fix this? We are in Irving, Texas 75062. Thank you.

    • RegisteredClubs says:

      The database actually assigns numbers as the registrations come in. The number they assigned just happens to be very close to the number you choose. Unfortunately, it is automated and we can’t change it. You can call yourselves whatever number you want though. It will just be different in our database.